How to find a freight carrier

How to find a freight carrier

By Nadia Stauber
January 02, 2023 • 8 min read

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Are you looking for a realiable and inexpensive freight forwarder to transport your goods? With the help of Quicargo you will find the right carrier within a few minutes. Whether we’re talking FTL (full truckload), LTL (less than full truckload) or groupage: we offer you a simple and quick solution.

What does transport safety mean?

Quicargo helps with transporting your goods in a quick, punctual and convenient way in your desired quantity. We stand for the safe transport of your goods based on global standards, reliable organizations and high-performance partner carriers.

What exactly is Quicargo?

Quicargo connects companies that want to ship their goods quickly and easily across Europe with carriers that are the perfect fit for them. We make sure that the carrier we have selected for you matches perfectly with your goods and price expectations.

Get the best price on the market within 30 seconds.

And it gets even better!

Help the environment and your wallet at the same time – with Quicargo. One in two trucks on European roads drives empty or half empty. What a waste of gas and energy! We at Quicargo are committed to fight against unnecessary CO2 emissions. Thats why we connect those empty trucks with companies that have to send their goods in the same direction anyway. This saves both parties costs, time and effort. Pretty cool, isnt it?

All partner carriers in our Europe-wide network work with us under AVC conditions (General Transport Conditions) and CMR conditions (Convention on the contract for the international carriage of goods by road).

We match your order based on the individual strengths of our partner transport companies. This is how we find the best matches between the vehicle fleet of the selected carrier and the characteristics of your goods. Whether your pallets are particularly heavy, your goods require sideloading or other special features, whether you want to ship in groupage or FTL, whether you want to ship within your country or to other European countries: be sure to be matched with the perfect carrier for your company.

Where can I ship to?

By using the service of Quicargo, you can book national as well as international shipments within all of Europe. All you need to do is enter your pick-up and delivery address as well as the pallet type of your shipment(s). Enter your desired pick-up time and you’re done!

Our price calculator is able to calculate your best freight and transport options within a few seconds. You will receive a quote instantly, while we match you with the carrier that is most suitable for you.

Are you ready for the future of logistics? We are your experts for digital transport solutions.

At Quicargo, we embrace the combination of flexibility with the digital skills of a scale-up and logistics know-how with the infrastructure of a global player.

Read more about Quicargo here.

How Quicargo helps with choosing the right carrier

If you book a transport with Quicargo, we are always there for you as your personal contract and contact person.

With the help of our network of over 300 high-quality partner carriers, we always have capacity for your shipment and guarantee a safe and quick transport to your desired destination. We provide you with a personal dashboard where you can track your shipment process and find all the necessary documents such as invoices and evidence to download. A non-binding price suggestion makes it easier for you to compare prices!

Register today for free on our platform and experiment with our freight cost calculator without any obligation!

What kind of companies are using Quicargo?

Different industries, different volumes and more: a variety of companies make use of Quicargo!

What we notice is that in particular shippers from the following two categories are using the Quicargo service:

  • Relatively small shippers who want an instant rate for a (for now) one-time shipment and want to place their order without having to call or email way too many different carriers first.

  • Larger shippers who are looking for excellent assistance in shipping their goods with Quicargo acting as an intermediary between them and the carrier. If problems arise such as delays, missing goods etc., Quicargo will solve them for you.

Be assured that your goods are always in good hands when working with us. Our customers operate in all kinds of different industries and want to build upon a reliable and trusting relationship with Quicargo.

Here some examples of what industries our customers operate in:

  • Construction
  • Furniture and textiles
  • Print and media
  • Paper
  • And many more!

In any case, rest assured that Quicargo already has experience with the requirements of your goods that need to be shipped!

Find your transport company in all of Europe

You are in need of a national or international transport? Then you have come to the right place. We make sure your shipments arrive at their destination – quick and reliable.

Choose from a variety of freight forwarders. Simplify your daily business.

Any questions?

Make use of the unutilized loading capacity of trucks and organize your pallet shipments in the most efficient way – with the help of Quicargo.

You are interested, but something remains unclear? Request a free demo here or simply contact our customer service!

Ready to join a new generation of transport planners? Create your free account — no credit card required.

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